Custom Made
"The best rooms also have something to say about the people who live in them."

-David Hicks-


Your home is your oasis and at Jack + Adeline we strive to make it more unique.

With Jack + Adeline’s custom designs, we often schedule a home visit to tailor the design to suit your style and specifications. Custom is achieved when the customer works with our Head Craftsman to determine the desired type and color of the wood, style and design, as well as the fitting and placement in the home. 

We believe in selecting a piece of wood that will endure the test of time and be passed on for generations. Choosing the piece of wood is the most important part of the process. A woodworker must be able to foresee what the grain in the wood will look like after sanding and envision the final product. Shape, thickness, and weight are also important components when selecting the perfect piece of wood for each creation. This is precisely why our Head Craftsman, Paul Franetovich, selects every piece of wood by hand. He is a master at not only recognizing the woods natural beauty but also its unique characteristics to ensure truly customized pieces.

These elements, and more, are what set Jack + Adeline apart and are essential in order to create a truly bespoke addition to your home.

To start your journey creating a timeless piece of furniture, contact Paul.

Check out this video to see Paul finish a custom table.

View some of our Custom creations below:

Custom Board

During our first summer at the Tacoma Farmer’s Market, we were commissioned by a customer to make a large cutting board to fit over her stove in order to give her more “counter space” in her modestly sized kitchen. We worked closely with her to ensure that every detailed request was met, and the board would exceed her expectations.  Being our first bespoke request, we were grateful to be trusted with such a personal item for one’s home.


Family Heirloom

This piece was once the chopping block in the family General Store almost a hundred years ago. When the family approached us to turn this old, weathered piece of wood into an heirloom to be enjoyed once again, it was equally an honor and a challenge. We were so proud to see how happy they were with the result.

A dear, art-loving friend asked us to build a mantle for her newly renovated fireplace that would be a beautiful piece of art in of itself. We found the perfect piece of Elm with wonderful character that would be a great addition to her home. Filling in voids with clear epoxy and finishing with a natural oil and wax mixture, this mantle certainly holds its own among the artwork on the walls in her eclectic and lovely home.


A co-worker of Leanne’s had mentioned to her that his friend had old, weathered wood in his garage that he was looking to get rid of and offered to bring a piece to Paul to see if it was any good to work with. After sanding and planing, Paul discovered it was, in fact, Purple Heart wood. Purple Heart is a striking wood native to the rain forests of Central and South America. We purchased the remaining lot from his friend and made him this Maple/Purple Heart cutting board as a ‘Thank You.’

Custom Mantle

Purple Heart


A very kind family approached us to make them a new dining table with 2 matching benches for their charming, early 1900’s home in North Tacoma. We sourced a large enough Elm slab to be able to make the table and one bench. Then sourced another piece of Elm for the second bench that matched almost perfectly. Upon delivery, we attached the custom galvanized pipe bases in the home to ensure no damage to their original wood flooring.


Custom Office

When we were offered the opportunity to open our first retail space, we knew we wanted a show-stopping table at its center. The tree this Black Walnut slab came from was felled here in Tacoma, WA and we felt it was the perfect representation of the heart of our business; Locally sourced, locally endeared.

Custom Gifts

We were approached by an employee of Colvos Construction asking if we would be able to make custom coasters to add to their employees’ holiday gift baskets. We worked with an image created by a local artist depicting downtown Tacoma and engraved it on one side of the coaster, then the company’s logo on the other.


A family in the north end of Tacoma were going thru a home renovation during the early days of the Covid-19 shut down and decided, "if they couldn't go to a bar, they'd build one." The client built the bar structure and we custom made the bar top with three slabs of walnut and used the offcuts to build the stool tops. The base of the stools are hickory.


One of our first clients from our early days at the Tacoma Farmers Market commissioned a custom walnut table for her dining nook. The space was a bit smaller than a normal dining area and she wanted room to put a beautiful wine rack so we needed to make it the perfect size. Needless to say we're super jealous of her dining chairs!


A local business in University Place wanted to replace their store bought desk with a handmade desk made from walnut. We needed to be specific with measurements to make sure it was almost exactly the same size as the current desk to be sure it would fit. The client was very helpful with both measurements and correcting our schematics to ensure a perfect (not to mention beautiful) fit!


These two bookshelves were made for a very discerning client, ourselves! The piece on the left is made from locally salvaged cedar and fir for shelving all supported by galvanized piping painted a copper color to accent the wood. The piece on the right was made with the same salvaged fir for shelving and reclaimed metal locker drawers from a local salvage yard painted a brass color.