Wild Yeast Sourdough


The desire to focus on bread made with naturally cultivated wild yeast spawned in 2017 when health issues inspired Leanne to start looking for alternatives to the over-processed and unhealthy options at the grocery store. As such, she wanted to learn to create nutritious and easily digestible breads that both her and her husband could enjoy. After taking classes and much research, she learned that the simplest and yet equally complex way to accomplish this mission was to look to the past. Ancient grains and ancient methods, with an ever-present desire to learn more,

was just the recipe she was looking for.

Bread is the most humble of foods and one of the most important staples in any cultures’ diet. There are stories of fermented breads being made over 2000 years ago in the farthest reaches of ancient civilizations.

That is to say, everyone loves bread! As such, why not make the most nutritious and flavorful bread possible? Keeping the ingredients simple and true to what our bodies need, as well as always being open to learning more, 

that is the mission of Jack + Adeline Hearth.

Our History

Leanne’s love for baking stems from being in her grandmother, Roberta’s, kitchen as a kid, standing on a footstool and playing with a “dough” mixture of simple flour and water. She learned that how and when ingredients are mixed are just as important as the quality of the ingredients. The alchemy of baking has been an ever-present source of fascination ever since.