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Odie's Wood Butter

Odie's Wood Butter


A food safe, solvent free, non-toxic wood Finish and Stabilizer that can be used alone or in conjunction with any combination of other Odie’s Oil Finish Products. This high concentration of Odie’s Oil enhances luster and durability in one coat. Use OWB like a soft wax to increase sheen and protection with the added benefits of oil. Use on wet and/or problematic woods to reduce checking and assist in the slow drying of wet wood. Will actually get better with age, becoming more durable and more beautiful!


For extraordinary results, use over original Odie’s Oil, Oxi Oil or Super Penetrating Oil when working with wet woods.


Like the original Odie’s Oil, Odie’s Wood Butter (OWB) does not contain driers or any toxic chemicals, and all ingredients are food safe. No worries! OWB is safe for everybody, families, kids, pets!


OWB is great for all the same applications as regular Odie’s Oil: All Interior and Exterior Wood, Boats, Brightwork, Doors, Floors, Decks, Gates, Fine Furniture, Patio Furniture, Bowls, Cutting Boards, Kitchen Implements, Toys, etc., etc. Great finish for new wood and can be used to reactivate old wax. Suitable to use over other finishes to refresh and rejuvenate.


"No solvents" means there is almost nothing to evaporate, so what you put on the wood, stays in the wood. OWB covers many, many times the area of other wood finishes.


OWB is made by hand in the USA in small batches to ensure quality.

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