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Our philosophy is simple: Everyone deserves to eat well; to create a home with beautiful yet practical pieces, items that inspire celebration both big and small; to enjoy spending time nourishing themselves as well as their community in a welcoming place.


Our primary mission when we were developing the concept for The Mill was to create a space that makes people feel like they have just walked into the home of an old friend or cherished family member. To serve delicious food and drink that reminds people of something they love, that tastes like their favorite birthday treat or something their grandmother made them when they were sick. To build lovely, practical things that inspire people to open their homes and welcome celebration. To help foster and build community by breaking bread around an equitable table whether it be in our home or yours.

Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 11am-7pm

Thursday (Music Night) 11am-9pm

Sunday 11am-5pm

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