"The heart of hospitality is about creating space for someone to feel seen and heard and loved. It's about declaring your table a safe zone, a place of warmth and nourishment."

- Shauna Niequist - 

Founded by Paul and Leanne Franetovich, the intent was to recreate the family gathering table in remembrance of their Grandparents, Jack and Adeline. Both were known for building and opening their home, sharing their love of food and instilling these values of the 'community table' for future generations. Truly a life, handmade.

Jack + Adeline was founded on these very principles of creating a beautiful space for the 'community table' in every home.

Today, Jack + Adeline's collections of home decor and custom furnishings offer a taste of functional timelessness. Each piece offering a unique prologue for your families community table for generations to come. 

Meet Paul

and his Grandmother Adeline

Paul’s love for woodwork started as a hobby building tables for his own wedding many years ago. His craftsmanship has evolved since those first tables, now focused on taking a thoughtful approach to reclaiming the woods natural beauty in all his custom pieces.

In Paul’s eyes, sourcing the wood and the selection process is most important. Each piece of wood has a personality, and once he recognizes those attributes, he can determine the potential in each piece. All of Paul’s designs have indicators of the original tree such as rough edges, grain lines and color. Embracing the “wisdom in the wood”, he allows the design to naturally evolve into what it was meant to be, whether that is a serving board or custom dining table. Each design is intentionally built to last, to ensure everyday use, to be a part of that community table in your own home.

Paul founded Jack + Adeline Home to sell his creations at the farmers markets in Tacoma. Having outgrown his workshop, he is moving to a larger space in Seattle that will allow him to work on larger orders and stock the new Jack + Adeline storefront opening in the Point Ruston Public Market.

It’s possible you might still see him frequenting the Broadway or Point Ruston markets on Thursday and Sundays, but whether in Tacoma or Seattle, rest assured that Paul is busy creating the next exceptional piece of custom wood décor, to add a bit of style and heritage to your community table.


Meet Leanne

and her Grandfather Jack

Leanne spent summers with her Grandparents’, Jack and Roberta, where the family mantra was: “Our home is always open and there is always room at the table for friends and family alike”. Leanne learned it’s not just the physical space around you that is to be nurtured, it’s also the proverbial Home created through the community you choose to share it with, hence the Jack + Adeline community table.


Dinner parties and holidays were always an event for Roberta: menu planning, dish/platter coordination, table-styling with glassware and “the good” silverware, guest invites, etc. It’s here Leanne learned her love for baking and her expertise in helping create a stylish setting centered around the community table.


Jack was also quite the craftsman, making anything and everything that Roberta needed with his own two hands. It's from him that Leanne learned the value of creating things that were truly original. She now passes on her knowledge and expertise in selecting the perfect décor for each occasion through the designs and textiles that can now be found at Jack + Adeline Home.

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