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There are literally hundreds of custom wood furniture finishes available on the market all having their own applications, strengths and weaknesses. After years of research, testing and sampling (including trying to make our own finish) we chose the Odie's Oil Family of oils and waxes. Although the sheen and depth the product produces on our pieces is extraordinary it's not the only reason we chose Odie's. As you can see from the videos below, Odie's was born out of its founder's desire to escape the harmful chemicals and carcinogens present in the finishes he used during his 40 years of woodworking.


The fact that each product in the family is food safe, solvent free, has no volatile organic compounds, no gassing, no carcinogens, just a healthy mix of waxes and oils aligned very closely with our desire not to harm ourselves making beautiful practical pieces for your home.


We proudly became a dealer for Odie's in 2019 and are honored to offer these products at both of our locations and online. For more information click on the video links below.